Biomedical Program

Biomedical Program

Program Overview

Catholic High offers a premier education to young women.  A life science program is a strategic addition to our strong academic content. The four-year Biomedical Program is designed to allow young women to explore a wealth of careers in the field. This is accomplished with a variety of coursework that is not available in most high schools. For example, students find a world of information in epidemiology and public health through work with the CDC. They are able to hear from professionals in fields including nursing, public health, and veterinary science, among others.

Students in the program will graduate with at least seven science credits from a mix of four full-year and six semester courses. They will also complete a two-year independent project of their own design.

Senior Capstone Project

This is a two year, independent research project of their own design where they collect, analyze and display data collected during that period, presenting it to a forum as a capstone exercise in their senior year.


  • Work with the Nurses' Club to include patient care, CPR and first aid skills into the Health Care class in order to mimic training done by nursing students.
  • Present information both internally at common homeroom and externally at NSTA conventions regarding developing a program, student leadership and coursework done in the program.
  • Make connections with local medical and research professionals through interviews, conferences, speakers, and internships.
  • Students currently write materials that are used by both other classes in the same year and futures sections of the course in which they are writing.


The Biomedical students mentor younger students through a TA program and a Biomedical Program teaming effort in which upperclass students work with incoming students to help with adjustment to the program and high school. Cross grade teams in a new summer program used to create relationships between students and develop skills already learned in previous coursework.

Speaker Series

At lunch, students in and outside the program learn about careers in science. To date students have heard from a nurse practitioner, occupational therapist, physicist, and quarantine officer.  Future speakers will include: veterinarians, environmental scientists, and cardiologists.

Summer Program

This summer is our first Biomedical Camp. Students from all grades, including incoming 9th graders and graduates will come together to solve an outbreak problem. This is the first of an annual program. The purpose of the course is to build teamwork, a necessary skill in the job market, to support new students entering the program, and to reinforce skills already mastered by older students.

Opt in 

Approximately one third of the students in each class are NOT in the program.  This provides an opportunity to broaden our impact across the school rather than limit the program.


This year, we will graduate our pioneer class. Students have added depth to the initial plans and made contributions to the program throughout the past three years. These contributions, including materials, ideas for modifying activities, and collaborations have made the program the success it is today. Future courses will be driven by student interest. Numbers have increased each year with the largest class to date entering in the fall of 2016.

Course of Study

9 Microbiology Semester 1
  Genetics Semester 2


Full year
  Research Methods Semester 1
  Health Care Delivery Semester 2
11 Anatomy I Full year
  Clinical Chemistry Semester 1
  Epidemiology Semester 2
12 Anatomy II Full year
  Intro. to the Human Brain Semester 1
  Bioethics Semester 2