Technology Program FAQs

The Catholic High School of Baltimore Technology Program

iPad Program Overview:

Through Catholic High’s E-Learning Program, each student receives a school-issued iPad. This equips them with the technology they need any time, any place. Through this program, resources, e-books, email, note taking, and Internet access are in each young woman’s hands. Teachers use various iPad applications and online resources daily to enhance the curriculum.

Technology Resources:

  • iPads
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Cloud-based student email accounts and storage space
  • Domain-based network account and file storage space
  • Student Help Desk
  • Multi-media Computer Lab/Distance Learning Lab
  • Apple iMacs

Important Dates:

August 21, 2017: Parent Technology Information Meeting (AM or PM session available)
August 22, 2017: Parent Technology Information Meeting (PM session)
August 29, 2017: Freshmen Technology Training, cyber safety training, and iPad distribution

Technology Program FAQs:

When will my daughter receive her iPad?

  • Your daughter will receive her iPad during Freshmen Technology Training on August 29, 2017.

What type of iPad will my daughter receive?  Will it come with a protective case? 

  • Your daughter will receive an iPad Air 16GB device with a protective Otterbox case made especially for schools. The case will also include a stand.

Will my daughter learn how to use the iPad appropriately? 

  • Yes, your daughter will learn how to use her iPad for educational purposes during Freshmen Technology Training.  During this interactive training session, she will learn important cyber safety guidelines (including a review of the school’s technology acceptable use policy), various iPad apps, and school email usage.

When will my daughter receive her school email account?

  • Your daughter will receive instructions on how to access her Catholic High email account within the freshmen summer mailing.  She will have access to her school email before school begins.

Will parents need to attend a technology information session?

  • Yes, freshmen parents are required to attend one parent technology information session either on August 21st or August 22nd. The session usually lasts one hour. Times and locations will be included in the freshmen summer mailing.

What happens when my daughter accidentally damages her iPad? 

  • If your daughter has accidental damage to her iPad, she will be responsible for the cost of repair/replacement.  Please see the enclosed copy of the student/parent iPad agreement for the current school year for more information.

What is included in the technology/activity fee? 

  • The technology/activity fee includes technology maintenance and software fees, instructional materials, distance learning, yearbook, liturgies, retreats, and the warranty and licensing fees associated with the iPad.

Are e-books available for any courses?

  • Yes, e-books are available for certain courses. Some courses do not require either a textbook or e-book.  Unfortunately, not every textbook publisher offers an e-book option at this time.

When will my daughter receive her iPad agreement?

  • Your daughter will receive her iPad agreement in the summer in a separate freshmen mailing.  It must be signed and returned prior to Freshmen Technology Training. Please review the enclosed copy of the student/parent iPad agreement for the current school year. You will receive a similar agreement for next school year.

Can my daughter take her iPad home?  Can my daughter keep her iPad during the summer?

  • Yes, your daughter may take home her iPad during the school year, but she must return her iPad at the end of the school year for summer maintenance and updates.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Amanda Trapani ’00                                             
Director of Technology

Mr. Jack Steiner
Coordinator of Instructional Technology