Varsity Cheerleading

Varsity Cheerleading

Ms. Julia Bourgeois `07


Ms. Gabriella Polsinelli `12


Varsity cheerleaders perform at all basketball home games and at pep rallies and school events throughout the year. Below is their 2016-2017 schedule.

9/16 Hello Day Performance

9/24 School of the Incarnation Performance

10/7 Curley Football

10/15 Curley Football

10/30 Curley Football

11/4 Curley Football 

12/3 White Marsh Holiday Parade

12/4 Mayor's Christmas Parade

1/13 Pep Rally Performance

1/13 Independent Schools Cheer Competition

2/4 Baltimore Blast Halftime Performance

3/12 St. Patrick's Day Parade

For game day information, call 410.732.6200 ext. 294.