February 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Thursday, February 01

Gold AM Event

VPA Boosters’ Club Meeting

6:30 pm

Formal Uniform - 2nd Quarter Honors Assembly

8:30 AM

Friday, February 02

Green Day

Athletic Boosters’ Fisher’s Popcorn Sale

Saturday, February 03
Sunday, February 04
Monday, February 05

Gold Day

Tuesday, February 06

Green Block Day

It’s Academic - Maryvale

First Half of Freshman Service Hours Due

Wednesday, February 07

Gold Block Day

Academic Council

2:45 pm

Thursday, February 08

Green Day

Friday, February 09

Gold Day

Saturday, February 10

ACT Date


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Sunday, February 11
Monday, February 12

Green Day

Tuesday, February 13

Gold Day

Wednesday, February 14

Green AM Event

FORMAL UNIFORM - Ash Wednesday Prayer Service

8:30 am

Class of 2022 Decision Letters Mailed

Thursday, February 15

Gold Day

Fathers’ Club Meeting

6:30 pm

Class of 2022 Decision Letters Emailed

Friday, February 16

Professional Development - Noon Dismissal For Students

12:00 pm

Half-Day Bus Service

Saturday, February 17
Sunday, February 18
Monday, February 19

Presidents’ Day


Beautiful Me Week

Tuesday, February 20

Green Day

Mothers’ Club Meeting

6:30 pm in Dining Hall

Fathers’ Club Senior Banner Sales

Wednesday, February 21 Today

Gold Day

Boosters’ Club Meeting

6:15 pm

Interim grades

VPA Boosters’ Ledo’s Pizza Night!

Thursday, February 22

Green Day

Friday, February 23

Gold Day

Registration Deadline for Returning Students

Welcome Soiree Class of 2022

6:00 - 7:30 pm

Saturday, February 24
Sunday, February 25
Monday, February 26

Green Day

Tuesday, February 27

Gold Day

Wednesday, February 28

Green Block Day