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Our Lights Shine Bright…Even In the Storm!


Yesterday, our Catholic High students took part in our first annual day long field day. The girls spent the whole day competing in various games as classes to have their class crowned the champions. The games tested the girl’s athletic, creative, and problem solving abilities. The events included a dodgeball tournament, carnival games, puzzles, poster making, a scavenger hunt and many more! The seniors won in the final round against the sophomores in a tight match of tug-a-war.

Tess Walz, the Athletic Association President and her committee planned and executed the event. “It was such a fun time but a bit hectic," she stated. "Field day has always been a highlight for me during my time at Catholic High, but this year it was one of a kind. Having a full day of games, activities and class competitions sparked a fire of school spirit in our school community and I'm so happy I could be a part of it. The excitement and enthusiasm that was displayed during this field day gave me an incredible sense of school pride, and this has become one of my favorite memories from my last year here at Catholic High."

Field Day was a success, but not without team work and a lot of behind the scenes preparation. Athletic Director, Kari McBride, shared that “the Athletic Association spent months preparing for yesterday”. “Specifically, the past 2 weeks, we have met every morning before school to iron out details and come up with the plan for the day. Filling 6 hours was a challenge but I am proud of the girls for coming up with so many ideas and games and then having to adjust it due to the rain." What an amazing group!

The Athletic Association hopes everyone had fun and looks forward to making next year even better!