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Rebecca Perry ‘18 and Brooke Mosca ‘19 Spend a Week at High LI!

Current students, Senior Rebecca Perry ’18 and Junior Brooke Mosca ’19, recently attended The High School Leadership Institute, also known as High LI, on July 8-15. High LI is a week-long religious leadership conference for mature juniors and seniors that teaches them how to grow their relationship as Missionary Disciples of Christ. These students are then able to guide others at their school or parish to encounter Christ.

This program is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Division of Youth and Young Adult Ministry program, and is held at the Monsignor O’Dwyer Retreat House in Sparks, Maryland, where many of Catholic High’s class retreats are located.

During the week, Brooke and Rebecca learned about a variety of spiritual activities such as, liturgy and program, planning in prayer, and missionary discipleship. It was important for them to follow the program’s model “Learn – Practice – Evaluate – Practice.” Both students learned from the knowledgeable High LI staff and put what they had learned into practice. Brooke and Rebecca were given a few group assignments throughout their week. One of the tasks was to prepare lunch on their day away from the leadership program, to spend the day at Gunpowder Park. Brooke was also assigned the task of creating a fun activity for all of the High LI participants. Brooke and her group decided to put on a fashion show, which “resulted in some hilarious and creative outfits!"

In addition, Brooke had an amazing opportunity to lead a Q&A session with Bishop Brennan where attendees at High LI we able to learn more about his faith experiences. She was also chosen to participate in the Annual Archbishop’s Appeal Video. In the video Brooke shared some of her favorite moments from her experience at High LI.

Not only did the program guide Rebecca and Brooke closer to Christ, but it also gave them time to practice their public speaking 
skills. Participants are required to prepare and present an assigned reading for the week. Additionally, they are given the task to write and deliver their own witness talk amongst their peers regarding a specific moment in their faith, or their faith journey as a whole.


Overall, Brooke shared, “It was a truly enriching experience to spend an entire week with people who share such a deep love and dedication for the Catholic faith, like me.” Rebecca also expressed, “It was a challenging but rewarding experience and I would strongly encourage others to attend High LI.”