Student Publications

Literary Works/Visual Arts – Canticles

Visual_Arts_-_Canticles.jpegAll students are welcome and encouraged to submit materials for the magazine. If you wish to submit materials, please send them to Mr. John Kauffman at  

Canticles is Catholic High's award-winning school literary magazine. It is a compilation of student artwork, photography, poetry, and writing. The Columbia Scholastic Press Association has honored Canticles with a Gold Medal for the past five years.

2014-2015 School Year Canticles

Yearbook – Troubadour

Yearbook_-_Troubadour.gifThe Troubadour is the Catholic High yearbook, which is published each spring. Troubadour is the historical record of each Catholic High school year. The award-winning Troubadour also functions as an educational and promotional tool. The yearbook is designed, composed, and edited by students. The yearbook course is designed for those students who are interested in learning and applying the many facets of producing a quality product. The students learn the extensive use of copy and caption writing, design, and photography layout.

Catholic High's yearbook, The Troubadour, has received Gold Medal recognition, with All-Columbian Honors from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association; First Class, with three Marks of Distinction from the National Scholastic Press Association; and First Place from the American Scholastic Press Association.