Law and Leadership Program Application

The Law and Leadership Program empowers young women to be active, engaged citizens by providing them with the academic experiences they need to successfully effect change in their local communities and beyond. The program is designed for young women who have excellent writing, presentation, and communication skills while providing leadership opportunities, extracurricular involvement, and real-world experiences in Law and Leadership. Our curriculum develops the essential skills of responsible leadership, with a comprehensive appreciation for the principles and values upon which the legal system rests in order to successfully impact society in a morally, ethically, and responsible way.

Additional Requirement:
In addition to this application, a letter of recommendation is required to apply for this program. The letter should be from a current middle school teacher or administrator. The letter can be mailed to the TCHS Enrollment Office or emailed to Please make sure your full name is included in the letter and/or the body of the email.

Once both pieces of the application have been received and reviewed, qualified students will be contacted regarding admission to the program.

Please submit the completed form  to the Office of Enrollment no later than December 20, 2019.

Law and Leadership Program Application Form

Answer should be at least one paragraph.

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